We’ve Launched the InfoStream App for iOS

Posted on Wednesday, 12 July 2017

InfoStream app now available in App StoreAs we’ve mentioned in a previous article, guests of the digital mobile era are avid consumers of mobile technologies and, by default, mobile internet users. Studies show that more and more hotel guests make reservations and check-ins online using their mobile phone or tablet. This suggests that hoteliers should also adapt their methods of interaction and communication with the guest with mobile technologies.

For this, we have developed the interactive guest-hotel communication platform we named InfoStream. With InfoStream, the customer can check-in and check-out online smoothly and much faster, but also use mobile room service. The InfoStream by Calirom platform also allows the guest to make restaurnat reservations or use other hotel facilities directly from their mobile phone. Moreover, all the information that the guest needs is available to them by simply accessing their InfoStream account.

The steps for using InfoStream are quite simple. Upon check-in, the guest receives a unique access code in the app. The next step is to download InfoStream on his or her mobile phone to create an account. In order to access their account, the guest simply needs to enter the code received at the reception. Done!

And we have another good news for you. While the InfoStream app was only available for Android up to recently, we have the iOS version ready for download in the App Store. In other words, there is no technical impediment for your guests to start using the InfoStream app today.

For your guests the InfoStream app comes with a wide range of advantages, from meeting their need for being information in real time regarding the events that take place in the hotel to having quick access to quality services for a new and unique hotel experience.

For you, InfoStream is both a marketing tool due to the integrated real-time notifications system and because it enables fast hotel-guest communication. Moreover, InfoStream is specifically designed to help you meet the needs of your guests, even the most demanding ones.

If you want to learn more about how the InfoStream app works on Android or iOS, feel free to contact us.