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Basic ONLINE control features with minimum investment

Senso Comfort is a control access solution fully integrated with your property management system, supporting the efficient coordination of a hotel business. You can monitor the room's ingoing/ outgoing events in real time, as the access card is embedded with relevant input from the PMS and connected online with the card reader.

Senso Comfort is the simplest solution, allowing your hotel guest to enter the room with his access card, created and validated at the reception desk. The RFID card reader corresponding to the room will allow the room access; the equipment will be installed intr-o doza de aparataj electric de 3 module, in black plastic finishings and RGB lights ( “Open door” alarm is visible on the reader and also at the reception desk, as they are connected online as a standard functionality included in the price. As an extra option, the finishings can be customized.

To meet the hospitality industry standards with a minimum investment, the system includes: 

  • RFID card reader in black plastic finishings 
  • RFID card holder montat in doza de aparataj proprie
  • data transmission server
  • card encoder 
  • hotel manager software

OPTIONAL: "Bathroom Alarm " signaling 

Once the client is in the room, he will insert the RFID card in the stand-alone card reader, thus connecting the room’s electrical charge. This allows the control of a single electrical scenario, having the role of a general electrical switch when the card is not inserted in the reader’s slot.


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