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More effiency and even more comfort

Senso Smart Plus takes you one step forward in our premium set of solutions. For this system, we added extra features to bring you even more energy efficiency and control, while also significantly enhancing the comfort, satisfaction and overall guest experience in your hotel . 

Building on the Senso SMART solution, SMART PLUS brings extra: 

  • Room Unit mounted in 3 module DIN case in the electrical box
  • Online thermostat controlable from reception, capable of handling 2 preconfigured thermal scenes
  • Additional functions: bathroom alarm, flood alert, open window sensor
  • Additional software: temperature control module

With the help of the room unit, Senso Smart Plus creates new opportunities and extra comfort for the guest, allowing him to adjust the ventilation or temperature through the embedded touch screen panel. Values indicated on the display refer to the temperature recorded in the room, requested temperature, ventilation speed, “open window” alert (which shuts down the ventilation automatically and notifies the reception desk as well)

Other messages to appear on the display are “make my room”, “do not disturb” and “Alarm”, which will also appear on the card holder and reader and at the reception desk.

The room unit can be controlled with a smartphone, through Senso Touch app but also from the reception desk. This can adjust the room temperature  but also activate 5 predefined thermical scenarios: room available, checked-in room, occupied room, free room, room in stand-by.


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