Senso Master


Control and planning solutions for the public spaces within a hotel

Designed for the hotel conference and events halls, to optimize the use of this income center

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Senso Master
Senso Control

The equivalent of the conference room solution, but applicable all throughout the public spaces within a hotel, from halls and reception area to restaurants or the SPA area. With Senso Control, you can create a coherent experience throughout the hotel, where guests can enjoy the use of edge hotel technology.

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Senso Events

With Senso Events, Calirom has developed a dedicated solution designed for the conference rooms and event halls within a hotel, to stimulate a better operational use of this income center, but also to enhance the guest experience and make it more enjoyable all throughout the hotel.

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Senso Hostess

The newest addition to the Senso Master solution pack (dedicated for the public spaces in a hotel), Senso Hostess was specially designed to facilitate the guest's access into the hotel restaurant for dining. Senso Hostess uses a software component fully compatible with the Calirom system, and hardware (a card reader and a tablet) that allows restaurant access for breakfast, half board or all inclusive.

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Senso Spa

Senso SPA is the complete solution for spa access control that we have designed to serve the spa areas in hotels, as well as independent locations, private pools or beaches. This new solution from Calirom complements our room access system, and it can be operated through the same software, making it very convenient and easy to use,

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