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Why You Need Senso Hostess:

The Senso Hostess solution comes to meet the hotelier's need for creating an enhanced hotel experience for the guest in a crucial moment during his stay: meal time. At the same time, it offers the hotelier more control with regards to the correct adjustment of meal portions, to better reduce food waste and in the end cutting down the total expenses of a hotel.

How it works:

  • The guest no longer needs to present the printed ticket with the room number and name to have breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Instead, the guest simply passes the room card or the identification bracelet in front of the card reader. This way, he/she will really enjoy meal time and together with it, an upgraded hotel experience.
  • The software system is specially designed to offer hoteliers data with regards to the total number of guests in the hotel, and the exact number of those who served breakfast. Thereupon, the hoteliers will have more control in adapting the food needs to the actual demand in the hotel.

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