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What is Senso SPA?

Senso SPA is an easy solution for access control in hotel spa areas (doors, turnstiles or barriers) created to integrate modern technology and at the same time upgrade design in the hotel spa area. It includes:

  • A card reader (hardware component)
  • Special door locks for the spa dressings (hardware component)
  • The operating program (software component) that is connected to the Calirom system, for easy use by the hotel staff

How it works:

With the special bracelet or the room access card, the hotel client can enter the spa area that he or she has access to and also open the locker door. Simple and fast!


  • It includes a management software that allows the client to purchase products or sevices inside the spa area with the simple use of a bracelet, without having to carry around cash. The bill is payed when the client exits the spa, or, if he or she is a hotel guest, it add up to the hotel room invoice.
  • Senso SPA is the ideal solution for hotels with private beaches, for the better management of guest access to the beach areas or even for booking sunbeds, directly from the Calirom system, or together with our InfoStream solution.

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