3 Hotel Technologies that Enhance the Guest Experience

The quality of a hotel stay ultimately comes down to the experience that the guest leaves with. And the experience is not solely about what they can have while they accomodate in your hotel, but also who they can be and what they can do. Access and experience are more important than owning and aquiring for the hotel guest. So what makes a guest experience impeccable? Here are 3 technologies that make a great contribution to the hotel guests’ overall experience.

1. The Room at the Tip of Your Fingers

Easy room access and convenience are key factors to a top hotel experience. Nowadays hotel guests want all the room facilities and amenities within reach, and by this we mean at their fingertips. From room temperature, access and light control to room service and DND options, the hotel guest wants to have them all easily accesible. For this we have created Senso Smart Touch, a high-end tech product that meets the needs of most fastidious of guests. This mobile hotel solution comes with a dedicated app, easily installable on any given mobile phone or tablet. The guest can make all the room settings they prefer solely using the app, for the ultimate guest experience.

2. Virtual Concierge

The traditional concierge service that required the guest to descend into the lobby for a simple reservation is pretty much history. While the direct customer care remains an important attribute for any given hotel, the modern times have changed the congierge service. A virtual concierge system that can be accessed from all around the hotel is a tech upgrade that will enhace the guest experience. Calirom’s InfoStreamguest platform, which includes a mobile app, puts all your hotel’s services and amenities at your guests’ fingertips, for the ultimate in convenience and guest satisfaction.

3. A Story to Tell

The new hotel luxury is not about caviar for breakfast or Egyptian cotton bathroom towels, but more about ejoying a unique travel experience and having a story to tell. We are all storytellers and experience is what makes us ultimatelly rich. Beyond having is being. Chris Sanderson, co-founder of the Future Laboratory, a trend-forecasting agency, said at a Ritz-Carlton hotels breakfast that „Travel experiences—and posting about them—matter more.” Every hotel has his uniqueness, autenticiy and personal vibe, but the question remains how we can enhance them to create the ultimate experience for our guests. At Calirom we believe that technology is the answer and for this we have designed two unique solutions, Senso Hostess and Senso Spa for a more pleasant breakfast and spa access. If you want to learn more about our tech hotel solutions and about we do, please contact us.

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