3 Things to Consider when Renovating a Hotel

The 2008-2009 economic crisis that has considerably affected the hospitality industry, has brought a period of large investments cessation for hoteliers with it. Implicitly, it put a hold on any hotel renovation plans for an indefinite period of time.

Starting with 2010 though, things started to slowly move, more so as the economic crisis has naturally increased the competition on the market.

Today, renovation and upgrade hotel projects have proven to be more than necessary for the hotel’s survival.

The trend is pro hotel renovation, but beforehand, there are 3 things you need to consider when you decide to invest in renovating your hotel. Let’s begin!

1. The Goal of the Hotel Renovation

Are you considering renovating or reinventing the hotel? Do you wish to revitalize your unit or to give it a complete facelift and a new identity? Do you need a simple change or you want to create a “wow” hotel?

You have guessed correctly.

The first step before you begin the hotel renovation work is to make clear what the real purpose behind this decision is. Write down what your expectations are in relation to the renovation, and so set a clear vision for this ample project. A clear vision and definite objectives are the key elements to keep the renovation works on the good track with an end purpose. The hotel renovation standards have to be defined in terms of time, cost and quality, and need to be set before you begin the hotel renovation project.

2. A Matter of Design

Any given hotel renovation project concerns the hotel repairs first and foremost, so that the hotel runs smoothly. But once these aspects have been taken care of, you need to focus on the design renovations.

In what regards the design, you need to have a clear picture whether you want a complete facelift of the hotel, with a whole new design and thus, identity, or just a few changes here and there, that won’t affect very much the hotel brand and identity. Consequently, you need to have a clear idea in your mind if you want a rebranding or you want to stick to its actual identity, and just enhance it.

There is a fine line between making a hotel better and changing its entire image and identity and your redesign plan needs to take this into account.

3. Technological Upgrade Possibilities

A hotel renovation is not something most hotels do every year, that’s why, it’s important to bear in mind all the aspects that can be included here. One of them refers to technological upgrade that you can bring to your renovated hotel. From online room access systems, to room economizers, and other innovative energy saving solutions for hotels, to smart solutions that allow your guest to operate the room functions using their smartphone or tablet.

Our mission is to bring to the hospitality market the most innovative hotel solutions and systems, so that your hotel aligns with the current needs of the modern hotel guest. In this sense, a great deal of our clients are hotels in the process of renovation, that want to make this technological leap ahead, on a crowded hospitality market.

Amongst most recent finished Calirom projects for hotels that are in process of renovation we are proud to mention Hotel Hilton, Ploiești, Hotel Carmen, Predeal, Hotel Ramada, Mamaia, Hotel Cardinal, Vințu de Jos și Hotel Acapulco, Ploiești, etc. For any questions about our hotel solutions, please contact us.

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