4 Tips for a Successful Hotel Business in the Digital Age

As discussed in a previous blog post, the digital age hotel guest’s profile is different from that of the traditional one. This is especially due to the mobile technological advancements and the internet. Hence, given the guest of the digital age is different, this means that the recipe for a successful hotel in the digital age has also changed. As a result of our research, we have come to the conclusion that these are the most important tips to consider in order to have a successful hotel in the digital age we are in.

Here’s how we think a successful hotel should “look” in the digital age.

1. Dedicated Digital Platforms and Apps

The number of hotel guests of the digital age that are interested in low-cost accommodation is steadily rising. This is partly due to the technological boom in the mobile area and, with it, the raising number of digital platforms and applications such as AirBnB or HostelWorld. The idea of a hostel-style “shared space” is very attractive for younger hotel guests. In this respect, hotel brands that want to be successful in the digital age need to understand that a dedicated mobile application or a dedicated digital platform are just as important as the accommodation itself.

In this sense, we have created InfoStream, an interactive online platform that keeps the guest connected to the hotel 24/7, so he or she can create the desired hotel experience.

2. Reinventing the Hotel’s Common Spaces

A great many digital age guests are digital nomads or freelancers who take their work with them wherever they travel around the world. For them, having a modern workspace during their hotel stay is an important aspect they take into account when choosing a hotel.

An idea to meet this new need would be to rethink the functionality of the hotel’s common spaces. For example, if the hotel has a generous lobby area, an excellent idea would be turning the lobby into a co-working space. This way, you will meet a few of their needs, namely those regarding remote working spaces, co-habitation and socialization.

3. User-Friendly Rooms

Another aspect that can dictate the success of a hotel in the digital era is the technologies embedded in the hotel room. The idea behind using mobile technologies in the hotel room is to offer the guest more comfort and control for a premium hotel experience. The digital age guest is very into using mobile technologies in their reach. Senso Smart Touch is our hotel solution that does exactly this. With it, the guest can control the lights, the thermostat as well as access the hotel room from their mobile phone.

4. Health and Environment

Despite the fact that we live in an increasingly toxic environment in all respects, there is a rising trend in health, wellness and protecting the environment. This trend is very much reflected in the needs of today’s hotel guest.

A hotel that wants to be successful in the digital age must put more emphasis in means to facilitate the well-being of their guests throughout their stay. At the same time, it needs to pay more attention to the impact over the environment. One of the biggest costs for a hotel is energy. Top energy consumers in a hotel are: 54% HVAC (heating, air conditioning, and ventilation), 19% ACM (domestic hot water), 11% laundry, 5% lighting, etc.

For this, we have designed tech solutions for energy-saving and food waste reduction in a hotel, namely Senso Control and Senso Hostess. Both of these 2 solutions are included in the larger Senso Master package, especially dedicated to hoteliers.

For more details about our technological hotel solutions for the digital age, feel free to contact us.

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