5 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Hotel PMS

It’s a well-known fact that the hospitality industry is changing on a constant basis. And this change is dictated by the tech innovations in the field, by an intrinsic need for improvement, and of course, by the new market demands.

The latest hotel trends that we’ve discussed about in a previous article, talk about adjusting the services to the expanding mobile internet era essentially. However, they also speak intelligent cloud-based hotel PMSsthat aim to literally change hotel management as we know it.

  • It’s easy to understand why cloud-based hotel PMS are in great demand nowadays, and their popularity continues to grow.

If you’re not very familiar with cloud-based hotel PMS and know little of the advantages they bring, we invite you discover the most important 5 benefits of a cloud-based hotel PMS.

# 1 Enhanced Control for the Hotelier

Every hotel manager wants to have an enhanced control in the facility they manage, from the day to day events that take place in the hotel, to the easy operation of the hotel management systems and their good functioning.

  • The cloud-based hotel management systems brings the hotelier this needed comfort, of being in total control.

This control is ensured not only by the integrated could-based software, but also by the dedicated servers, that makes possible 24/7 smooth-running of the system. Specially designed by us for enhanced monitoring and control, Senso Smart is the cloud-based solution that meets these needs.

# 2 Real-Time Reports

A cloud-bases hotel system means staying updated with the latest events and news. This is due to the fact that a system that is could-basedcan be accessed from any given device with an internet connection, meaning real-time data synchronization.

In order to stay informed, at all times regarding what’s going on in the hotel, we have developed Senso Reports, a cloud-based add-on that provides you with regular issued reports regarding:

  • Staff activity
  • Equipment condition and functioning
  • Room situation

# 3 Data Protection 24/7

Another important benefit in using a cloud-based hotel PMS is total data protection 24/7. One of the most common issues hotel managers face is hotel software errors that happen from time to time and make the entire software unusable.

  • An advantage the cloud software brings is that you cannot lose your data, no matter the error that occurs.

The solution that we have specially designed for these situations is Senso Recovery Cloud, devised to make a backup copy of the entire data, so none of it gets lost. With this solution, we make sure your system is back up and running in the shortest time possible, with a 4 hours maximum downtime.

# 4 Reduced Costs with the IT Department

Besides an enhanced control and data safety, cloud-based hotel PMSs come with financial advantages as well, namely reduced cost with the IT department. In other words, you don’t need a dedicated IT dept., neither your own computer servers for data storage, because the cloud system does this job for you. Simple and elegant!

# 5 Professionalism through Effective Management

If we add up the 4 benefits of a cloud-based hotel PMS we come to this conclusion: a cloud hotel management system means professionalism through effective management. More so, it is a door opener for a modern and smart hotel business, more competitive and better prepared for the demands of the evolving hospitality market.

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