A Few Things You Didn’t Know about Calirom

Let’s get to know each other better. You may have read our blogs, you may understand what we do and what we have to offer. But beyond the website, the logo and the name, Calirom is actually a well-knit team of people who are passionate about technology and innovation. And not just any technology, but next-generation smart technology to help increase comfort in living spaces. The technology we create is specifically designed for hotels, but also for office buildings, hospitals and residential buildings. But let’s start with the very beginning.

How Calirom Started

Calirom is established in 2003 in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania by Călin Istrate. At that time it was literally a one-man band; a small business but with a clear vision of what we wanted to become. And more importantly, with a great passion for everything edge technologies. 

We started with designing, building and installing a specific type of audio splitter. The product was a great first success for us because it was well sold in the Altex and MediaGalaxy retailers, and partly in Carrefour. This was the point when we started the mass production. Two years later, we expanded our range of products with ambient sound systems. Around this time we started our research in RFID, which was a novelty on the local market, at that time. 2006 marked the year when we entered the hospitality market, with the first ever online access system designed and implemented by us. Our first client? Hotel Sungarden in Turda.

In 2009 we can say that we revolutionized the Romanian hospitality technology market when we the first RMS system with room unit. This was the fruit years of assiduous labor and dedication. And we made it. We are still proud to this day for being the first Romanian company to introduce this tech innovation to the local market.

But we felt that there is room for more innovation in terms of endowing hotels with smart edge technologies. So in 2010, we have diversified our access solutions, with the Spa Access, Staff Access and Timekeeping Access add-ons, as we named them that time. But we did not stop there, as we continued to focus on creating solutions for ambient music and the common areas of the hotel as well.

During this time we managed to successfully implement our RMS system to some of the most prestigious 5 and 4 star-hotels in the country. We are talking about Hotel Epoque from Bucharest, the best hotel in Romania in 2016 according to The U.S. News & World Report, Hotel Metropolis from Bistrița, the only 5-star hotel in the city and Hotel Cavaler in Sighișoara, currently a DoubleTree by Hilton hotel.

A couple of years later, we managed to expand our RMS solution with more sensors for signaling and controlling critical situations that can occur in a hotel room. We also obtained the authorization for fire detection and alarm systems installation and service. We continue our mission to upgrade the hotels throughout the country with developing the room unit with its luxury glass finishing version.  

With the development of new add-ons and making improvements to the equipment and finishing, we got more and more customers. Today we have reached an impressive number of important clients in our portfolio, but more importantly clients who are satisfied with our solutions. Their number is growing with every passing year, and you can see some of them on our Clients page.

Who We Are Today and What We Offer

Today, the Calirom online access system has become very complex, with many adjacent solutions. That’s why we felt the need to create two complete packages of solutions, that we named Senso. We are talking about Senso Guest and Senso Master. Senso Guest was designed to increase the room comfort for your guests, while Senso Master was purposefully created to provide maximum control for the hotelier in managing all areas of the hotel, 24/24.

The most recent Calirom innovation is a unique and intelligent interface, the single one of its kind on the Romanian market. We called it InfoStream. InfoStream is the smart solution we came up with to help the hotelier communicate better with the guest and support real-time interactions.

Our Vision of the Future

Since the beginnings of Calirom in 2003 until today, our goal has stayed the same. And that is to pave the way and revolutionize the area of hotel access and management systems in Romania. Without any intention of self-praise, we succeeded to do this, with the genuine solution we have designed.

What we want is to take things even further, literally. One of our plans for the near future is to expand abroad, and make our solutions accessible to the neighboring markets. We started several years ago to expand to outside markets like Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, as well as the former Yugoslavia countries, by partnering with local representatives there.

This is Calirom and we are happy to meet you! For any information regarding our systems and solutions, we invite you to contact us.

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