Does Your Hotel Need a Mobile App?

Hotel mobile apps are, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the future of hotel management and guest experience.

When we say hotel management we refer to the entire process, from the basic domestic operations to shaping an excellent guest experience. Which is ultimately the end goal of every hotel manager.

Nowadays, a dedicated hotel mobile app draws the line between a good hotel experience and an excellent one. But let’s see what we actually mean by hotel mobile apps and how they work.

Welcome to Mobile Apps Hotel Era!

Hotel mobile apps are a raising tech trend that is steadily growing. Guests believe that mobile concierge apps, mobile payments systems and tourist guide apps are the future of hotel experience. Statistics show that:

  • 93% of the guests are avid mobile technology consumers and 85% of which use mobile technologies when traveling abroad
  • More than 50% of hotel bookings today are made online, 20% using a mobile device (phone, tablet)
  • Over 90% of hotel guests own a smartphone and almost half of them have 2 mobile devices with them when traveling

Hotel Mobile Apps Are Now a Necessity

It is absolutely clear that we’ve already stepped into the mobile tech age. More obvious than this is the fact that a hotel mobile app is no longer a mere fad or a craze, but rather a necessity. The world’s major hotel chains such as Hilton, AccorHotels or Marriott already use dedicated mobile applications to create the most enjoyable hotel experience for their guests worldwide.

Still, hotel mobile apps are suited for any type of hotel, regardless of their size or ranking, because their ultimate goal is the same: to boost up the hotel’s incomes by creating a unique guest experience.

To meet the increased competition in the market, mobile apps for hotels have already become a must-have. In response, we have developed Senso Info Stream, the mobile hotel app that enables real-time communication between you and your guests and loads of useful features.

Info Stream, The Mobile Hotel App for Your Needs 

Info Stream is specially created to help your guest make us of all the features and facilities your hotel has to offer directly from their mobile phone. The idea behind Info Stream was to help the guest create a hotel experience to his or her liking, through real-time interaction. With Info Stream your guest will be able to:

  • Stay updated with the latest hotel offers and events
  • Make reservations and room orders using the mobile phone
  • Use the mobile room-service planning
  • Opt for the fast check-out option
  • Have all the hotel facilities available at the touch of a button

How Will Info Stream Impact Your Hotel

Our mobile hotel app is primarily a big step into the future of hospitality experience. And when we say this we mean from a tech inovation stance as well as the communication and interaction between the hotel and the guest. In the end, the goal is to help create a more competitive hotel by enhancing the user experience.

For your hotel Info Stream means being one step ahead.

Our mobile hotel app is meant to be a tool for bettering the hotel management in its entirery, that automatically reflects in how your hotel is perceived on the market. Ultimately, these benefits put together will lead to an increase in your hotel’s income, which is the ultimate goal for our mobile app solution.

For more information on how Info Stream works and how you can use this mobile app in your hotel, do not hesitate to contact us.

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