How to Attract More Guests to Your Hotel

Every hotel manager’s dream is to attract more customers to the hotel, and consequently, to make them return customers. In order to do this, the hotel needs to meet certain conditions that draw the line between a prosperous hotel and one that fails.

If you’ve found the recipe for success already, very well. But if not, we invite you to continue reading the article here and learn how to attract more guests to your hotel.

The first step that you need to consider, before taking any action, is to set your target audience. Once you have established the public your hotel addresses to, you can start working on meeting the specific needs of your target customers. The following are the steps that you need to take to bring more customers to your hotel on the long run.

# 1 Online Presence Is Key

Nowadays, the majority of people search online for the right hotel. Consequently OTA (online travel agencies) type websites like or are more and more popular for online hotel reservations. Your hotel’s presence on TripAdvisor is of tremendous importance too. So, it is necessary that you list your hotel on these websites if your aim is to attract more guests to your hotel.

For a more attractive online presence on these websites, pay more attention to the following aspects:

  • Upload high quality images only
  • Add as many images as possible (the more the better)
  • Add complete and accurate information on the hotel rooms

After you’ve completed the listing on OTA websites, pay more attention to your social media presence. At the time being, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in Romania, but you can up your game with an active online presence on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

# 2 Tech Innovations and Upgrades

The purpose of all hotel tech is to offer extra comfort to your guests. In this sense, the upgrades and innovations your hotel uses can make the difference between a wonderful hotel experience and a not so good one. From innovative Room Management Systems (RMSs) such as light controltemperature control and various functions that you can set via touch screen displays to smart control system, the hotel innovations can meet various guests’ needs.

Calirom is the largest hotel system innovator on the local market that has created a complete pack of innovative hotel solutions for the ultimate hotel experience. Find out more about our innovative solutions that target the hotel guest’s right here.

# 3 Overall Hotel Experience

Finally, the hotel performance comes down to the hotel experience it offers. This experience is the key factor in attracting more guests to your hotel, this is why it is so important. If this experience exceeds your guests’ expectations, then your hotel has managed to do an excellent job. For this, your hotel needs excellent customer service, inviting and comfortable rooms, and tech innovations that together can create a personal and customizable hotel experience, for each of your guests.

Now you know how to attract more guests to your hotel and make them return! For more information on the tech innovations you can integrate in your hotel, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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