How to Boost the Meeting Rooms Bookings in a Hotel

The main source of income of any given hotel is, of course, room booking revenues.

But besides this revenue, there are other modalities in which a hotel can boost up its incomes, such as:

– Restaurant sells;

– Spa type services;

– Event rooms booking;

– Meeting rooms reservations;

The latter can make a consistent source of income for any hotel, but it is often times left underexploited or misunderstood by the hotelier.

  • We’re talking about medium-size hotel meeting rooms, with an up to 40 people capacity.

The market demand for meeting room booking has drastically increased over the past few years, driven by the changing in the structure of the workforce.

  • We are talking about the increasing number of mobile worker population (employees that work from more than one places and oftentimes travel, as part of the job).

In the USA only, it is estimated that mobile working population will reach 70% of the total workforce by 2020.

Hence, the capitalization of the meeting or conference rooms is an opportunity that hotels can’t afford to miss.

The question left is:

How can we increase the hotel meeting rooms booking? 

We’re presenting to you 3 means that can help you boost the hotel conference room booking, and implicitly the revenues of your hotel.

1. Simplifying the Booking for Hotel Meeting Rooms

A recent study carried in the UK has revealed the fact that there are 10.000 medium-size hotel meeting rooms worldwide, available at any time of the day.

The same study shows that only 30% of them are booked at a point in time, which means a huge loss of potential income.

Given that most meeting room bookings are still handled manually, clients most often complain about the slow process and times lose with negotiating rates and contract terms.

More so, a lot of hotels have a late response to the inquiry, or they never reply at all.

By integrating a meeting room booking management software, the problem with this burdensome process can be simplified and solved for good.

2. Integrating New Meeting Rooms Technology

The increase in demand for meeting rooms has been met by an increase in hospitality competitiveness.

The hoteliers who understood this trend, have adopted new technologies arms wide open, and have integrated apps in order to simplify the meeting rooms booking process.

With the help of these apps, the companies who want to book a meeting room can personalize their search in regards to their preferences and needs, including the technologies and equipments the meeting room disposes of.

In order to increase the occupancy rate of the meeting rooms of our clients, we have developed Senso Events.

As its name tells, Senso Events is a tech hotel solution specially designed for the hotel event rooms and conference centers. It comes with novelty tech equipments as well as an app that makes it even easier to operate.

With Senso Events you can:

– Set different thermic and electric scenarios in the meeting room

– Operate the drapes, projectors and sound systems

All this from the touch screen panel imbedded in the wall or with the dedicated app specially developed by us.

3. Adapting to the Workforce Changes

Even if selling large conference rooms has not been a problem so far, the subtle changes in the workforce worldwide opens new directions.

  • This means focusing more on monetizing of medium-size meeting rooms.

The secret to success is becoming more visible on the market, which depends on the technology companies you partner with.

The change is in the air, and along with it comes opportunity!

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