How to Efficiently Capitalize the Hotel Public Spaces

The hotel public spaces, including the client reception area, the lobby, the hallways as well as the restaurants or the spa area, are often time the least tech space in a hotel.


Simple: they bring no direct income to the hotel, and thus are not capitalized to the maximum.

Still, the technological advancement in the hotel solutions has not forgotten about the hotel public spaces, due to the fact that they can enhance the overall guest experience. Moreover, they can bring an extra income to hoteliers if kept updated and adapted to the consumers’ emerging technological needs. Let’s see together what the new needs of the hotel guests are!

# 1 Incorporating Guests’ Devices into the In-House Technology

One of the most important trends for the utilization of hotel public spaces is adapting them to allow incorporating the guest’s mobile devices, such as smartphone and tablets or even laptops into the in-house tech. Primarily it refers to creating the infrastructure to power that technology.

A great example in this sense are the Marriott Hotels that have designed “power cube” wireless charging stations for renovated properties to create social charging hubs at guests’ demand. The wireless power stations will soon make the standard in power charging for hotel guests’ mobile devices in the lobby area.

Once this need is covered, the hotel’s public spaces will be transformed into working stations, places for meetings and socializing. This way, the hoteliers will be allowed to efficiently capitalize these public spaces, by selling more auxiliary services and products to their customers. More so, hoteliers will benefit from the social media and digital marketing that guests will make at the moment of their virtual check-in and tag, as part of their hotel experience.

# 2 Possibility to Make Use of the Hotel Services through the Mobile Devices

Another current guest need is to be able to connect to the hotel’s services, using their personal mobile device. All the hotels should head in this direction for creating a more streamlined and integrated hotel experience to their guests. Also, it is best suitable for the public hotel spaces.

Why? Because the hotel guests are given the possibility to use the hotel services and offers that the hotel has for them, when they want to, no matter where they are at in the hotel.

Calirom Solutions for Capitalizing the Hotel Public Spaces

Designed with the purpose to capitalize the public hotel spaces to the maximum, we present to you the complete solution pack Senso Master. Senso Master has been created to optimized, adapt and harness the hotel’s conference and events halls, as well as its public spaces, including restaurants and spas.

The Senso Master pack includes 4 ingenious and unique solutions, namely: Senso Control, Senso Events and another 2 recently created ones: Senso Hostess and Senso Spa.

  • With Senso Control and Senso Events you can create a coherent experience throughout the hotel due to technological innovation that allow the setting of different heat and electricity scenarios in the hotel’s public spaces, and many other possibilities.
  • Senso Hostess and Senso Spa bring an extra comfort to your guests, allowing them to access the restaurant and the spa area with a special bracelet. Simple and elegant!

For an enhanced hotel-guests interaction, and also for streamlining the guests’ experience, we have created a unique solution on the Romanian hospitality market, namely InfoStream. InfoStream is a smart app, that helps the guest stay updated in real-time with the latest events that take place in the hotel, as well as with the offers and services they are offered. With InfoStream the guests can make restaurant orders directly in their room, book a sunbed, call a cab and also discover everything that goes in and around the hotel.

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