Innovative Hospitality Solutions for the Communication between the Hotel Staff and Guests

We can safely say that success in the hospitality industry is dictated by guests’ satisfaction and ultimately guests loyalty. The key to achieving this success is to create an excellent hotel experience.

An excellent hotel experience starts with meeting the guest’s need for comfort and safety and continues with the quality of the services offered thorough the client’s stay. An often forgotten aspect, that play a great role on how the hotel is perceived by the client, is the communication between the hotel staff and the guest.

It’s important to understand that we’re not talking about the hotel manager and staff communication, but the communication between the staff and the hotel guests. This need to communicate with the guests and to keep them informed if often times left unmet, because, in most cases, it hasn’t yet been identified as a need in the first place.

So how do we know if the hotel – guest communication real need?

Simple: by looking at the direction in which the hospitality industry heads to. The trends is to offer the guest more control and at the same time a more personal and customized experience. In the near future, this will differentiate between an excellent hotel experience and an average one, and it all starts with meeting the need for communication between the hotel and its guests.

And it’s not just a guest’s need, but a necessity for the hoteliers as well, who can round up their profits by selling more, given they know what their clients want. But all this can only achieved by bridging the gap between the hotel and the guest in what regards communication. In order to satisfy this demand of the future, we have created an innovative solution on the Romanian market and abroad, named InfoStream.

InfoStream by Calirom, the innovative solution for the hotel-client communication need

InfoStream is a unique software platform, specially designed for the hotelier industry, that helps facilitate a continuous and real-time streaming of information between the hotel and the guest, with useful information for both parties. The idea behind InfoStream was to improve the hotel-guest communication by creating a 100% unique guest experience, fully personal and customized.

How Does InfoStream Work?

Very simple! InfoStream comes with an app interface that is easy to install on any operating system. The guest receives a username and a password at check-in, which he uses to create an app account. Once logged in, the guest is updated in real time with regards to the events or activities that take place in the hotel during his stay.

Moreover, the app allows the guest to make restaurant reservations or to use the room service, directly from the app, but there’s much more they can do. In short, InfoStream enables the hotel guest to be informed in the shortest time possible regarding the offers, events and amenities in order to make use of them.

InfoStream is a real help for the hoteliers as well, offering them the possibility to get to know their guests and thus to offer them the services they need. In the end, InfoStream is a great competitive advantage for the hotel. The intelligent and innovative solution from Calirom, InfoStream comes to meet the hotel staff and guest communication and, in the near future, aims to replace the outdated and insufficient communication means that hotels worldwide still use.

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