Our digital solutions are designed to change guests’ perception

As we have discussed in previous blogs, the technological innovations for hotels aim to create a premium guest experience. This is also the goal of Senso by Calirom solutions and our mobile InfoStream app. But if we go further, this top experience is given by the guests’ perception of the hotel. Our technological solutions come to change this perception for the better, by creating a distinct and unique atmosphere in the hotel.

Creating a distinct atmosphere has become a major concern for hotel managers. This is because studies show that the atmosphere is perceived as a key factor for attracting guests and making them happy. A study with 369 guests accomodated in 6 hotels in Norway identified 4 consistent factors that contribute to creating this atmosphere, namely: distinctiveness, hospitality, relaxation and refinement. On the 1st place was the distinctiveness, in other words, the way in which the hotel distinguishes itself from other hotels and has that something that makes it attractive.

All of our solutions are designed to offer experience and create a totally unique atmosphere in the hotel. The Senso by Calirom and InfoStream solutions are designed to create unique hotel guest experiences as well as enhanced control for the hotelier. This control can be used to increase the customer satisfaction. The hotelier is informed about what the client is doing and thus can come up with ideas and offers to increase his or her satisfaction. In other words, our goal is not to merely offer technology on a platter, but to give you a package of solutions to help your hotel stand out from the crowd and eventually, have more guests on the long run.

In the near future, hotels will increasingly adopt online access systems, cloud data storage systems and, of course, digital solutions to keep in touch with the guests. Studies show that 31% of Western European hotels use digital technologies to better manage and interact with guests. Moreover, these digital solutions give you better control to create the desired atmosphere for your guests.

With the digital hotel solutions we want to help you change the perception that guests have about your hotel, in the best sense possible. Contact us for more information about Senso by Calirom or InfoStream solutions.

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