Personalized experience. The future in Hospitality industry

Customizing the hotel’s services is the key to creating an unforgettable experience for guests. A personalized hotel experience goes beyond the type of facilities the hotel has or the discounts offered. Why is the guest experience in the hotel so important? Because differentiation is the key to gaining a larger market share and repeated visits.

Personalized experience is a concept that is right at the heart of the travel industry: the art of making people feel at home. But the challenge when it comes to the hotel sector is that it’s not enough to know who your guest is. You also need to know the context of his journey. What the same person will want can be very different when traveling for business or leisure, and whether he travels alone when compared to a couple, family or group.

86% of the travelers appreciate the personalized experience. 3 out of 5 guests say they would opt for another brand in the industry if they offer better service. It is a well-known fact that good services open up client wallets. This is probably the reason why more than 70% of the guests describe in positive words the hotel experience when the personalization is possible. Customers appreciate the ability to customize their own light intensity, temperature, ambient music, and the ability to communicate with reception via applications. Personalization in the hospitality industry is therefore the keyword. This is no longer an option – hotels must provide personalized experiences. According to a Google report, 79% of the guests prefer to book using the smartphone, which also indicates the need to adopt new technologies to reach your customers.

Travelers are increasingly using mobile devices (85% of leisure trips) and that is why hotels have to meet their expectations with mobile applications that make it easier and enjoyable to stay in the hotel. A strong technology emphasis will define and add life to your customer relationship.

The industry is entering a golden age of personalization in response to evolving consumer expectations. The individual guest has embraced their own uniqueness; the hotel industry must embrace it as well, in all its unique-as-a-snowflake splendor.

Hotels are responding to this trend by focusing on making sure their guests feel like guests, like unique individuals and not entries in a booking ledger. By recognizing and catering to their guests’ idiosyncratic preferences and fancies, they can assure a loyal customer base that returns due to their experience, not only because of the lowest price displayed on reservation.

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