RMS Innovation – The New Era of Hotel Technology

Room Management System, in short RMS, is a technological innovation in the field of hospitality, which represents the gateway towards the new tech era in hotel management.

What does Room Management System (RMS) Mean?

RMS is the latest software system and tech equipment in the hospitality domain, which has been specially designed to increase guests’ comfort and safety throughout their stay in your hotel. Moreover, the hospitality RMS also comes to meet the needs of hotel managers who want to create a more reliable and competitive hotel on the market.

The innovative Room Management System brings about a handful of functions and features that together contribute to improving the overall hotel experience for the hotel guests. Let’s see what the RMS features are.

Cut down the hotel’s energy consumption with RMS

One of the main challenges for every hotel manager is to have a better control over then energy consumption in their hotel and to keep it between certain given parameters. The bottom line is to reduce the overall costs of the hospitality unit, and thus, to create a more competitive hotel. With the help of RMS, this is now possible. How?

The RMS automatically detects the presence or the absence of the guest in the hotel room, sending this information to the reception desk in an instant. Then, it automatically turns off the power in the room the very moment the guest has left the room and it turns it back on when the guest has returned and has inserted the room card into the card holder.

This way, this innovative hospitality system makes possible the cut down of the operating costs of the hotel room.

RMS Innovation gives you real-time control

The RMS system gives you total and real-time control of the events that take place in the hotel, from the moment of check-in to check-out, due to its intelligent technology that sends all this data to the reception desk via internet connection.

This way, your client will enjoy a new level of comfort due to the ease of use of the hotel services, and in addition, be comforted by the enhanced security and protection while on his stay at you.

Why your hotel need RMS now

The benefits and advantages of implementing the RMS solution are very many, and together they lead to a more efficient hospitality unit, more reliable and less costly from your part. With the RMS, your hotel will come to offer better accommodation services and thus build the trust of its guests.

Your hotel needs to keep up the pace with the latest hospitality tech in order to become more competitive on the market, by reducing the overall energy costs, but also to offer a top hospitality experience to all of its guests.

In this regard, implementing the Room Management System is any hotel’s necesity in our times, by no means an extravagancy or caprice. Welcome to the new hotel tech era with the RMS!

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