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When it comes to accommodation facilities, whether it’s for tourism or business trips, guests must experience a quality stay and benefit from comfort in all conditions. So we’ve looked for the most suitable package solution so you can give your guests an amazing experience.

And we found it.
All of this shaped into an elegant design.
Room number/MUR/DND
Presency Detection Module
Intuitive Thermostat
Addressable Lighting Control
In-Room Tablet
Smart Sensors
Smart Locks

Integrated, all in one

For your hotel room.

Hardware Modules

The access control solution is a QR/RFID reader specially developed for elevators, common areas, SPA and parking barriers adapted to the hotel requirements with access control able to manage several access groups such as cleaning staff and front desk.

All equipment is designed to turn off the power supply when no one is in the hotel room.

The thermostat is a 3 button device designed intuitively to be operated with ease.

It has been developed for the hospitality industry to set operating modes such as free room, accommodated room with or without customer, idle room.

It is an electronic module that can control the lighting circuits in the room. The panel is configurable so different lighting scenes can be chosen (e.g. morning scene, evening scene).

The smart sensors reads and manages the environment it is set into. Therefore, the smart sensors mounted on the door, window, bathroom and flood alarm provide constant information about the room.

Sensoo In-Room Tablet is an interactive device that can markedly improve the guest stay experience in the hotel by offering them contactless access to the hotel benefits and services through My Sensoo App and room controls through Sensoo Control.

Software Modules

The module generates periodic and personalized reports making it possible to monitor and easily review the functions of your hotel staff.

The Recovery Cloud is an application which generates and stores in the cloud a back-up copy of the system, making possible data recovery and system restoring.

The module will allow a thorough analysis of personnel and their work. It monitors the activity of staff throughout the facility by recording the entry and departure times of each hotel employee.

This is a hotel app allowing real-time communication between guests and staff. It is mainly used to promote hotel’s events, offers, and services to the guests, right in their suites.

The mobile application allows guests to have full control over all the room functions such as activate the addressable lighting scenarios, adjust the temperature, and draw the curtains.

We offer premium customizable equipment

By creating custom made design with intuitive user-friendly touch controls.

We encourage energy efficiency

By creating a complete solution which reduces energy consumption up to 30%.

We offer support 24/7

By getting you in contact with our support team which will be able to help you with every issue you encounter along the way.

We ensure 100% compatibility

By using our own integrations solution developed in-house which grant all of our products a high degree of compatibility, regardless the supplier.

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