Taking your office to the next level

of productivity

Productivity and comfort are only two of the functions necessary in an office building so the employees can work in ideal conditions. We know how to create the most productive work environment for your office, by turning it into the perfect workplace.

We have the know-how, you make the call.
QR/RFID Reader
Adressable Lighting Control
Intuitive Thermostat
Adressable Lighting Control
Smart Sensors

Integrated, all in one.

For your office.

Hardware Modules

Integration with offline access solutions.

The access control module is a QR/RFID reader adapted to office requirements with access control able to manage several access groups.

The economizer is designed to turn off the power supply when no one is in the office room.

The thermostat module has been developed to set operating modes such as free office room, busy room with or idle room.

It is an electronic module that can control the lighting circuits in the office room. The panel is configurable so different lighting scenarios can be chosen (e.g. morning scenario, evening scenario).

Software Modules

The module generates periodic and personalized reports making it possible to monitor and easily review the functions of your office staff.

The Recovery Cloud Module is an application which generates and stores in the cloud a back-up copy of the system, making possible data recovery and system restoring.

We offer premium customizable equipment

By creating custom made design with intuitive user-friendly touch controls.

We encourage energy efficiency

By creating a complete solution which reduces energy consumption up to 20%.

We offer support 24/7

By getting you in contact with our support team which will be able to help you with every issue you encounter along the way.

We ensure 100% compatibility

By using our own integrations solution developed in-house which grant all of our products a high degree of compatibility, regardless the supplier.

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