The Advantages of Online Room Access Systems for Hotels

Room access systems for hotels have changed a lot over the last decade. From the traditional key, innovative hotels have adopted magnetic card access systems for more convenience, confort and guest safety. But the benefits of using an online card access system for the hotel rooms are much more for both hotel and guests. The Senso by Calirom online room access systems for the hotel bring many more facilities compared to a basic room access system. Here are the most important benefits they bring:

1. Rooms Acces through Internet Connection

An online room acces offers enhanced control for the hotelier or hotel manager. This is due to the fact that an online room access system uses an internet connection to open and close the room door. But you can acces the hotel room approaching the card to the room access sensor or from the reception office. Extra control for the hotelier comes with reduced energy costs and a more streamlined and fast process. In other words, a better hotel management.

2. Client’s Confort

The control room access with magnetic card is the most elegant way to enter and exit the room. And it comes with plenty advantages for the hotel guest. One at hand, we are talking about an increased level of comfort and convenience that is one of the most important competitive advantages for a hotel. Second, it brings an extra control for the guest as well, not just for the hotelier. Thanks to the Calirom online room access system, guests can now enter the hotel room using their mobile phone directly. Simple and stylish! All of these cumulated facilities create a premium hotel experience.

3. A Lower Energy Bill

And then there is the energy cost, another very important aspect for the hotelier. In addition to an online room access system, Senso by Calirom brings alongside the economizer module. With this innovative system, once the guest leaves the room, the energy supply is automatically disconnected in the room. Once the guest returns into the room and inserts the card into the room’s economizer socket, the energy turns throughout the room. Reducing the energy costs is one of the greatest challenges for every hotelier, and with the Calirom economizer room access system, this is now possible.

4. Guests’s Security

In other news, an online room access system is the most secure way to access the hotel rooms. With the magnetic card, the guest can rest assured that no one can access his/her room with another card, and that all his/her belongings are totally safe. The security you provide to your guest is reflected in the hotel’s level of security and safety, and this is one of the most important aspects when choosing a hotel.

5. Elegance and refinement

In addition to state-of-the-art technology, Calirom’s online access systems can be customized with your hotel’s brand. Moreover, they can come in various finishings, depending on the customer’s preferences. These customization can apply to the in-room access system, the access card, and the camera-mounted economiser. Everything that we do is meant to reflect quality, sophistication and attention to detail.

These are the most important benefits of an online room access system for hotels, but there are many more that come. Once you have adopted an online access system from Calirom you will discover many more benefits and facilities that come with this upgrade.Back

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