Top 5 Hi-Tech Hotels of the World

In the world of hospitality, there are hotels and super-hotels. The latter, offer a truly unique hotel experience, through quality services, comfort, and not least, through cutting edge technology.

We invite you on a raid amongst the most hi-tech hotels at the time being, and see what edge technologies they use.

We can only greet you a welcome in the smart-tech hotel era, robotics and latest hotel engineering. Let’s go!

# 5 Aloft Cupertino Hotel, California

Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, in Cupertino, The Aloft Hotel is an example in what regards hotel technology. If you ever have the opportunity to stay here, you will meet Botlr, the robot that will bring your towel or snacks by the hotel pool, or even deliver to you room. Moreover, the robot will call you on your phone when your order has been delivered to your room. The rooms of Aloft Hotel have a minimalist design, and are equipped with Apple TVs.

# 4 1000 Hotel, Seattle

The 1000 luxury hotel from Seattle it’s famous for the hi-tech engineering solutions it embeds. Worth mentioning are the 2 virtual golf stations, where the hotel guests can choose from the best 50 golf courses from around the world.

The room sensors that detect body temperature in the room, are specially designed so that the hotel guests are never bothered by the cleaning service staff. The special sensors notice the hotel staff when the guest is in the room or when the room is empty and can be cleaned. In addition, the rooms are equipped with a smart climate control sistem, that allows the guest to set the desired room temperature while his stay.

The Senso Smart Plus system together with the dedicated Senso Touch app, is the latest tech solution from Calirom for room temperature adjustment direclty from the smartphone.

# 3 Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas 

The smart rooms at Aria Resort and Casino can automatically detect the presence of the guest in the room, and run functions such as: opening the curtains, playing music, turining on the TV or adjusting the room temperature. Also, the room is equipped with a touch-screen tabletwhere you can set functions like DND, as well as other room control, in-room dining and even stay up to date with the latest offers and packs the hotel has to offer.

The guest can access the room using his personal smartphone. Senso Smart is the Calirom solution that allows room access directly from the smarphone!

# 2 CitizenM Hotel, New York

Apart from its excelent minimalist design and exquisite location, CitizenM offers self check-in and check-out, thus reducing the time spent at the reception. The rooms of this hotel are equipped with a smart tablet, that allow the hotel guests to operate the TV, curtains, as well as adjust the lighting and room temperature or set the morning alarm.

Senso Touch is the solution that allows you to offer enhanced control to your guests as well.

# 1 The Henn-na or The Weird Hotel, Japan

Located in the Sasebo town, in southwestern Japan, the self-proclaimed “weird” hotel is almost entirely controlled and operated by robots. The guests are met at check-in by an English-speaking dinosaur robot and a humanoid robot that speaks Japanese. The guests’ luggage are carried to the rooms by robots as well, that have taken over almost all the hotel duties, minus the cleaning.

Even more, each of the hotel rooms features a doll-robot concierge that offers guests all the information they need with regards to close-by dining spots or hotel events.

In order to keep your guests informed in real-time in point of the hotel events, but also for ordering a cab, room service or make restaurant reservations, Calirom has designed the solution that features a dedicated app called InfoStream. Learn more about InfoStream here.

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