What Hotels Will Look Like in the Future?

In the near future, hotels will be a whole lot different from what they are today, as you may have guessed. But how different?

The hotel of the future will bring many technological improvements and innovative features that together will contribute to create a hands-free hotel room experience.

Also, the future hotel aims to be more responsive and connected to its guests and in this sense, its main goal would be to create a unique and personalized experience for each client in particular.

# 1 The Smart Hotel Craze

Hospitality experts believe that guests will soon be able to influence everything in their room from their own mobile phone or device with smart apps, enjoying more control over their environment and hotel experience. From wireless-controlled nest thermostats in guest rooms to controlling the lights, air conditioning, binds from your very smartphone, it’s clear that the hotels of the future are going mobile and smart at the same time.

Speaking of which, another cool feature that the hotels of the future will have is smart apps that will help the hotels and guests better interact and communicate, from simple functions like DND to restaurant or sunbed reservations and many more. The aim of the ‘smart hotel’ is to offer its guests more control over all the room features, while staying updated to the latest smart technology, and thus meet its guests’ need for technology as well, from the moment of check-in to check-out.

# 2 Minimalist Rooms

The actual trend in hotel rooms is minimalism. Pod hotels are becoming more popular around the world, which means that hotel rooms will possibly shrink in the near future. The idea is to have everything you need at your fingertips by keeping the essentials only, in smaller, more efficient rooms with neat minimalist design. Another trend in what regards the hotel room is better, more comfortable bedding and larger bathrooms.

# 3 A New Use for The Hotel’s Public Spaces

Last but not least, the hotels of the future will have large lobbies for work and socialization with high-tech multi-use spaces that comes to meet the rise of freelance working around the world. The hotel lobbies of the future will play the role of and flexible work spaces for the hotel guests, with fast Wi-Fi and all the amenities of a complete working space. In this sense, hotels should be prepared to adapt their public spaces to the future needs of their guests in their own advantage, by offering related facilities and services.

# 4 The Sci-Fi Hotel Era

From robot butlers and robot luggage handlers to smart mirrors that display the latest news and weather, to smart lighting control and mobile payments, hotels have made a huge leap into the Sci-Fi era. These edge futuristic amenities is the key to gaining an advantage over competitors in the near future but also, offer the hotel guests a totally unique experience that is more personal, connected and responsive.

So, what will hotels look like in the future? 

Three words: smart, minimal, interactive!

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