What Is a Premium Hotel Experience?

We may think that an excellent hotel experience is solely defined by the number of facilities the hotel offers to their guest. Or maybe by the comfort of the bed and room facilities or perhaps by the very kind staff. But a top hotel experience is not limited to one or two of the above-mentioned aspects.

It is dictated by the way the guest perceives and defines the entire experience.

For the guest, a hotel stay doesn’t just resume to a comfortable bed and a rich open buffet breakfast. In fact, the guests have high and diverse expectations from a hotel experience. One of them is about having control over the whole experience.

The hotel technologies we created were specially designed to offer the guest an experience that he or she can personalize and control. But we have to emphasize a very important aspect here. That is, the end goal of our hotel tech solutions is to create exquisite guest experiences and not just technological innovations per se.

Hence, the ultimate goal of all our hotel solutions is to help you transform the hotel stay into an entirely unique, unprecedented experience that will forever stay in the memory of your guest.

With our technological solutions, we offer unique experiences to the hotel guest as well as extra control to the hotelier. This control can be purposefully used to increase the guest’s satisfaction, which we are aiming. You stay updated with the guest’s activity while at the hotel and are able to comes with suggestions to increase his or her satisfaction, and thus to facilitate an excellent hotel experience.

The SENSO by Calirom solutions are the most complete and innovative hotel technology solutions on the Romanian market. Their ultimate goal is to provide hotelier with better control plus the “tools” to steer the hotel experience carefully and fine tune it. As we mentioned, the hotel experience is first and foremost dictated by the guest’s perception of the hotel as a whole. This perception, however, is created by a mix of details that draw the line between an excellent hotel experience and an average one. Our solutions want to create customizable experiences for your guests, but also bridge a good and quick communication and, finally, to bring you closer to your guest.

Calirom has entered the hotel technology market mainly to create top-class experiences for guests that come into your hotel. In the end, we want the guests not only to be pleased, but turn into your own hotel brand ambassadors and to spread the word about the unique experience they have experienced in your hotel. For more information about the SENSO by Calirom solutions or InfoStream, the first mobile communication platform for your guest and your hotel that is available on the market, please do contact us.

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