3 Major Trends in Hotel Tech

Hotel tech has become a major aspect in bringing in more guests and retaining them. Today, this translates to solid investments in a wide palette of hotel tech solutions that create this immediate and personal connection between the hotel and the guest. With the rising of guests’ expectations, pleasantly surprising them is something any respectable hotelier need to assume.

According to a study led by HospitalityTechnology.com at the beginning of 2016, 54% of hotels will invest more in tech by the end of the year, in order to meet the new demands of their guests.

In order of their priority, these are: secure mobile payments, hotel room tech, bandwidth and mobile engagement.

Find out from us which are the 3 major trends in hotel technology today.

1. Mobile Ubiquity

Travel industry analyst Henry Harteveldt has declared at HTNG’s 2016 North American Conference in March that at the present moment, there’s no such a thing as online and offline guests in the hospitality industry.

He also stated, quote: “Mobile has produced a permanent sense of immediacy. It’s changing forever how our guests interact with us and how they expect us to interact with them.”

Hotel-branded customer mobile apps will soon become a must-have hotel tech, 84% of the study respondents have declared their intentions to develop own hotel mobile apps in the following 18 months.

  • In the same time frame, 1/4 of respondents plan to make the leap to mobile room access keys.

The direction that hotel technology is heading is towards mobile hotel check-in, mobile keys, and integrating cloud-based property management systems.

2. Enabling Guestroom Tech

With the presence of flat-screen TVs that allow on-demand viewing, the guestroom has become a real challenge tech-wise.

For over 56% of hoteliers, enabling guestroom technology is a top priority by the end of 2016.

  • In this regard, most of hotel tech investments are directed towards boosting bandwidth for a faster internet with more coverage (36%).

Besides these investments, the trends speak delivery platforms to elevate the in-room experience, which means bigger and better smart TV that interface easily with guest mobile devices for a handier use.

3. Energy Conservation Technologies

A total 20% of study respondents said that by the end of 2016 they will focus on adopting innovative technologies for better energy management and conservation.

This because, for most hotels, energy is in top 3 largest costs, which means that reducing energy consumption are attractive from the perspective of cutting down hotel costs primarily.

By the end of 2015, Hilton Worldwide has become the first hotel brand to ever receive the Superior Energy Performance from the Department of Energy for energy management at three properties.

The hotel chain has managed to proprietary measurement system called LightStay, which gathers global data, making it possible for a clear analysis on the management of the energy performance throughout their hotels and drive improvements.

The latest energy preservation hotel technologies are solely focused on electrical energy conservation, but also on optimizing water consumption, waste diversion and carbon reduction as well.

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