Innovative Solutions for The Hotel’s Restaurant

A recent survey conducted by, with 1000 respondents from all over the world, revealed that these days breakfast is the most important hotel feature taken into consideration when making a hotel reservation.

In 2013, Google Consumer Survey has conducted a study in which they asked one question, namely “Which hotel feature do you most look forward to?” 

The respondents were given a choice of the five most common added features at hotels: free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, free parking, room upgrade, and fitness center.

  • The great majority of the respondents, 42.4% answered free breakfast.

A healthy and satisfying breakfast brings extra comfort to the guest, because it contributes significantly to their stay, enhancing his/her overall hotel experience. Even more, if the breakfast is lacking, or it’s not a satisfying experience for the guests, in most cases they will find local alternatives to eat. And this means two things: an unsatisfied guest and smaller profits for your hotel.

  • It’s clear that hotel breakfast is not just a positive feature for the guest, but also additional income for the hotel.

This is why breakfast or dining at the hotel’s restaurant has to be an exceptional experience every time.

To make sure this happens, we have developed a unique solution on the Romanian market, that we have entitled Senso Hostess. Together with Senso Spa, Senso Hostess it’s the newest adition brought to our Senso Master pack of solutions, specially created for your hotel.

But what is Senso Hostess?

Senso Hostess is an innovative solution for breakfast or dining at the hotel’s restaurant that includes a software, compatible with the Calirom solution, and a hardware, namely a card reader, a tablet and an autentification bracelet.

Whether it’s breakfast, half board (Modified American Plan) or all inclusive, this solution is perfect for every time your guest enters the restaurant to eat, not only for the morning breakfast.

How Does Senso Hostess Work?

The working principle is simple!

When the guest comes to the restaurant he/she can enter by passing the bracelet for authentication in front of the card reader, placed at the restaurant entry. Your guests are no longer constrained to say their name, or to present the printed room ticket in order to enjoy their meals. This way, they are exempt to go through embarrassing moments, in case they don’t find the room ticket or have to go back and get it.

  • In other words, Senso Hostess is the “virtual hostess” that meets your guests in the hotel’s restaurant to invite them in. Simple and elegant!

The Benefits Senso Hostess Brings to Your Hotel

Leaving aside the advantages this solution brings to your guests and their hotel experience, there are many benefits Senso Hostess brings to you hotel directly, namely:

  • Enhanced control: by adjusting the food portions to the real number of guests who eat
  • Cost reduction: by avoiding food waste
  • Exceeding expectations: by offering your guests a top hotel experience

For more information about Senso Hostess, feel free to contact us.

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